Classic Accidents From The Golden Era Of 1930s [Images]

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Accidents have been part of automobiles from the time it was invented, here are some images and a video of accidents from the bygone era taken between the 1920s and 1930s.

These black and white photos were taken by Leslie Jones, a photographer from the Boston Herald-Traveler newspaper. He worked there from 1917 to 1956, he captured destroyed cars after the fatal crashes.

Seven-Tonne Dump Truck

Leslie Jones had this eye for capturing dramatic scenes of accidents of automobiles, here the dump truck had plunged through the Warren Avenue Bridge in Boston.

Truck From A Garage

Here the photographer got the image of truck which crashed out of garage in Boston.

Car Into The Ice Sheet!

He was known to capture not just dramatic, but even tragic scenes as well. Here a policeman is trying to pull out a car that crashed into the icy water in Boston.

Car Around The Tree!

Leslie Jones would often highlight the crash with by telling a story visually through the photo. The car in this picture might have not had the control in icy roads and highlights the precarious nature of winter on roads.

Car Dipping Into The Water!

Leslie Jones would use people or debris or street signs to give it a human touch and dramatize the scene. The car in this image is being hauled after the crash.

Off-roading Dangerously!

In this picture, the car was speeding because it was trying to take a woman to the hospital, however, it lost control and went up the curb.

Car Down The Stairs!

In the 1930s, automobiles were a lot of advancement was taking place and hydraulics was one of them, looks like the driver depressed the accelerator instead of the brake.

Car On Water!

Leslie Jones wanted to be known as cameraman rather than a photojournalist. In this picture, he highlights the people who were in the car and the police and fire personnel trying to get them out and rescue them.

Limited Edition Postal Service!

The post that was supposed to reach by this car would have reached late. The early automobile engineering was in its infant stage, as you can see the frail build of the car, there is hardly anything to keep it strong or safe.

Car Can Go On Water Too!

Leslie Jones wanted to people to see the actual impact of the accident, he conveyed it by the way he took the photos. As you can see he captured a car which crashed into the fireplug, which is used by thefireman to refill the tank.

Picture credit: Caters News Agency

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