Chief Minister’s Motorcade Car Towed Away For Parking In The Wrong Place

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Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath's motorcade consists of dozen-odd vehicles in his convoy. But one of the cars was reported stolen from the driver of the car.

Chief Minister Adityanath was on tour to the district 300km away from the capital city Lucknow. As the official meeting would take time, the vehicles in his fleet were parked at the Circuit House compound.

Since it was a long meeting, the drivers decided to take a break. But when one of the drivers returned, his car was missing. Immediately the driver reported the car theft to the Police.

Police ordered to set up check posts across the district to hunt down the thief before he scouts with the stolen car. A search was also launched to look for abandoned vehicles.

Police always advise people to check if the vehicle is towed before reporting the theft of the vehicle. In this case, nobody bothered to check as it was a car from the Chief Minister's motorcade.

But soon after the search was launched, Jhansi city's Police Chief Dinesh Singh revealed what had happened. The Traffic Police had towed the car for parking in the wrong place and shifted the car to the allotted area.. Singh stated that the vehicle was found before the theft complaint could be registered.


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