Meet Chetna Nagesh Pandit — She ‘Can’ Teach You To Ride A Motorcycle

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Meet Chetna Nagesh Pandit — a motorcycle coach. We seldom come across such a profession and rarely meet a female profession. Chetna teaches women how to master the art of riding a Royal Enfield.

The 24-year-old woman who hails from Mumbai works for Enfield Riders, a motorcycle tour and training company as a riding coach. She encourages women across age groups to take up riding as an everyday sport.

After being in the corporate world for three years, the young woman decided to give it all up and pursue her passion - motorcycles and recalls the time she fell in love with a motorcycle the first time she saw one.

Chetna says, "During my college days, one of my friends taught me how to ride a bike. Back then, not many women were seen riding a bike, but I fell in love with it right after my very first ride."

Chetna took up motorcycling full time and attended dirt track races, and even participated in two races. Later, the young woman came across Enfield Riders where she currently works. Also, she is the only woman in the company.

Most women are thankful to Chetna for helping them learn how to ride a motorcycle properly, while some are curious as to how she's able to ride a motorcycle that weighs so much. Amidst mixed reactions, Chetna feels that one of the most satisfying moment was when she had to teach a young girl with limb length discrepancy.

So the next time you come across a woman who's passed you on an Enfield, remember, Chetna could have been the coach!


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Story first published: Friday, May 19, 2017, 21:20 [IST]
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