10 Amazing Car World Records From Around The Globe

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Cars hold numerous world records around the world. There are cars that hold records for being the fastest, quickest, biggest, smallest, and even that stops the fastest.

In our list, we take a look at 10 amazing car world records from around the globe, which even include records from the fastest drift, to the longest drift and the most donuts performed.

1. Fastest Drift: 135.44mph

The fastest drift performed in a car is held by Jakub Przygonski of Poland, at a speed of 135.44mph or 217.96km/h. The car used was a modified Toyota GT86 that was tuned to deliver over 1,000bhp.

2. Longest Continuous Skid: 6 miles

Yes, you read it right and the record was actually unintentional. The record is held by former world land speed record holder Craig Breedlove from the US. He accidentally set the record after losing control of his jet powered car, the Spirit Of America on the famous Bonneville salt flats in 1964. Now that's one tough record to break.

3. Fastest Standing Mile: 283.23mph

The fastest standing mile record is held by Johnny Bohmer from the US, when he reached a speed of 283.23mph or 456.78km/h. Bohmer's company, Performance Power Racing specialises in tuning cars and for the record, Bohmer used a 2006 Ford GT tuned to 1,700bhp.

4. Tightest 360-Degree Spin: 2.25 metre

The tightest 360-degree spin award is held by British stunt driver Alastair Moffatt, who did a full spin in a gap of just 2.25 metres, with his Subaru BRZ. Moffatt performed in front of live audience and in between two rows of cars that were strategically placed. The previous record was 2.5 metres, until Moffatt broke it.

5. Fastest Quarter Mile (Electric Car): 11.85 seconds

Electric cars are eco-friendly, but also mean some serious business when it comes to a drag strip. The electric car that holds the fastest quarter mile time is an old BMW M3 fitted with a 440kW electric motor, that clocked a time of 11.85 seconds in 2012. The car can also accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 3.3 seconds.

6. Fastest Wheel Change: 58.43 seconds

Changing a wheel is a pains taking process for many, but these four guys from Reifen Umert set a record by changing all four wheels by hand, using manual tools in 58.43 seconds. The record time also includes the technicians jacking up the car, and they managed to beat the previous record by 24.23 seconds.

7. Largest Simultaneous Car Burnout: 103

On January 1, 2015, 103 cars gathered to burn some serious rubber at the 28th annual Street Machine Summernats in Canberra, Australia. The fleet of cars broke their own record from 2013, when a total of 68 cars got together to do burnouts. Some of the cars were even fitted with special compound tyres that gave away coloured smoke.

8. Longest Drift: 89.55 miles

The longest drift was set by Harald Müller from Germany on the same Toyota GT86 that set the fastest drift record. Muller spent almost two and a half hours in the car, taking the car sideways for an incredible 89.55 miles (144.1 km) in Samsun, Turkey in 2014. The track was 235-metres long and Muller had to do 612 laps to achieve the record setting distance.

9. Most Consecutive Donuts: 280

Jamie Morrow, a stunt driver from the UK holds the record for doing 280 donuts in a Westfield Sport 1600. Morrow shred tyres for 17 minutes to set the new record and beat the previous record of 161 donuts performed by another British stunt driver Terry Grant.

10. Tightest parallel parking: 7.5cm

The tightest parallel parking record goes to Alastair Moffatt again, when he managed to park a Fiat 500C in a space of 7.5cm, breaking the previous record of 8cm. The previous record was held by Han Yue from China.


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Story first published: Tuesday, March 29, 2016, 16:26 [IST]
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