Thieves Become Clever — Steal Luxury Car Engines And Sell It As Generators And More

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It is a known fact that if one needs to keep up with the modern world, one has to adapt and innovate - that's exactly what car thieves have done in Delhi. They are now stealing luxury cars with engine immobilisers with the help of laptops and stolen data.

Some of the engines dismantled from stolen vehicles are sold to farmers to be used as power generators for the fields, or to be used as water pumps. The engines are sold to farmers in neighbouring states like Uttar Pradesh. Recent data revealed by the Delhi police show that almost 100 vehicles are stolen everyday.

The recovery rate is quite low. Only 5 percent of stolen vehicles are found. In fact, some of the stolen parts make it back to Delhi to be sold as genuine spares for vehicles in the market.

In a recent arrest, the accused revealed that vehicles are stolen on demand basis. Thieves either start working at car workshops or steal data on engine-key combinations with the help of an employee. The data is stored on laptops to make duplicate keys that suit the car.

Thieves than target the victim and usually use a female accomplice to steal the vehicle to avoid suspicion. Parts such as rear view mirrors, steering wheel, wheels, etc. are sold in the market again as genuine spares.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 6, 2016, 12:45 [IST]
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