Will Your Car Colour Reveal Your Personality?

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Do you know our choice of colours is an indicator of our personality traits. In fact the colour of your car can say a lot of things about you. Research over several years has indicated that the connection between the personality of car buyers and their car colours.

This fact that your car's colour reveals your personality is indeed interesting. Some of you can choose to differ from the results of the research. But hey, What is stopping you from knowing what the research says about your car's colour and your personality.

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Car Colour and Personality

Here are findings of a research which has linked the colour of your car with personality traits.

Car Colour and Personality

Owning a black car means you are a strong personality who does not like to be dominated and some one who likes history.

Car Colour and Personality

White is the most preferred car colour in India. This is due to high resale value of white coloured cars. The research has stated that owners of white cars have a keen attention to detail and cleanliness.

Car Colour and Personality

Silver, a mix of black and white, is a sign of elegance personified. It is also means the owner likes futuristic looks.

Car Colour and Personality

The colour red is a clear sign of a dynamic person who wants to dominate the scene. Further a red car also means high energy and preference to speed. This could be the reason behind most Ferraris sold are in red.

Car Colour and Personality

Yellow is one colour that means the owner wants to shout at the world - 'Look at me'. The owner of an yellow car wants to be noticed and is very lively. This reminds us an Yellow Porsche 911.

Car Colour and Personality

Orange is one colour that we rarely see on Indian roads. Very few cars are available in this colour. Owners of Orange cars, according to the research, are fun loving, talkative and fickle minded.

Car Colour and Personality

Brown is a dull colour and so are the owners of brown cars, according to the study.. The colour is a sign if simplicity and down to earth behaviour.

Car Colour and Personality

Grey is mostly a corporate colour and is an indicator of the owner being sober and practical. But the Grey colour can be very attractive on certain cars. Doesn't this Lamborghini look good finished in Grey?

Car Colour and Personality

Green is a colour that means you have traditional bent of mind with a well balanced personality. Most classic Bentleys were sold in Dark Green in the 1930s.

Car Colour and Personality

Pink is a colour that girls like and a pink car is something that indicates the youthful innocence of a girl. One name that strikes when writing about pink cars is Paris Hilton, who had a customized her Bentley Continental in pink.

Car Colour and Personality

Deep purple is another rare colour. It is a sign of a creative individual who wants to exhibit his/her independence

Car Colour and Personality

The Shimmer of gold has attracted people over centuries. But we rarely see a gold coloured car. If you have happen to own a gold painted car, the study suggests you like luxury and are ready to pay for it.

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Car Colour and Personality

So does your car colour reveal your personality? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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