It's Alive! Insane BMW Alpha Concept Is Now A Real Life Streamlined Racer

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The other-worldly BMW Alpha concept has been turned into a living, breathing piece of motorcycle folklore that looks like its going fast even when it is sitting still.

The Alpha was conceptualised by Turkish designer and BMW fan Mehmet Doruk Erdem last year. The concept was one of three concept motorcycles designed by Erdem which went viral on the internet and caused huge debates among Beemer fans across the world.

One BMW fan who spotted Erdem's Alpha concept was salt flat veteran and machinist Mark Atkinson who is better known online by the name Makr. Atkinson decided to spend his free time bringing Erdem's concept into life and Erdem gave him permission after getting to know that the American machinist was dead serious about building the bike.

The BMW Alpha is built around a three-cylinder engine from a shaft driven BMW K75 from the late 1980s. The Alpha retains the shaft driven nature of the original bike which was owned by Atkinson and had crashed and had been lying around in Atkinson's garage at his home in the United States.

The rest of the Alpha was machined by Atkinson himself. Atkinson built the bespoke chassis, centre hub pivot, hand-machined aluminium linkage, plus a bellcrank-actuated steering system among many others from scratch.

The result is a stunning motorcycle with a streamlined front which looks like it was built to go fast on the salt tracks but still look cool while doing so. Such was the response to the bike during its build that made it their 2016 Hooniversal Car of The Year, despite the fact that it is actually a motorcycle.

So what next after the Alpha? Atkinson revealed on the forum that he was using to keep people apprised of his project that he has been talking to Erdem again and the next masterpiece from the duo could be an electric powered BMW Titan.

The Titan (pictured above) another one of the Turkish designer's three designs that went viral last year.

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The BMW Alpha is a proper one-off that looks like its going fast even when stationary. The BMW S1000RR on the hand is a motorcycle that you can buy and go fast on without having to build everything yourself. Click on the Photo Gallery below to view the latest images of the BMW S1000RR.

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Story first published: Sunday, February 12, 2017, 9:00 [IST]
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