How Are Bentley's Configurator Cars So Realistic? Here's The Reason Why

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British carmaker Bentley is known for its extremely luxurious cars and the world's fastest SUV, the Bentayga. Bentley owners, though, come from different parts of the globe and while many may want the same car, they usually want to ensure it looks like an extension of their own personality.

Bentley's online configurator and the Inspirator app are usually the answers to cater to this demand for bespoke cars. It may work like any other car configurator around, but the realistic models and the attention to detail paid to the virtual cars makes them look ultra realistic.

So, who did Bentley turn to and how did they make the cars so realistic? Let's find out...

Who Did Bentley Turn To?

To help create the Bentayga and Mulsanne configurators, Bentley worked with Manchester based studio, RealTimeUK.

The design studio is known for creating ultra-realistic graphics for various gaming studios and other automakers.  

Ultra-Realism For The Ultra Rich

RealTimeUK made bespoke model of all soft surfaces like the seats, door linings, arm rests etc, to help achieve extremely high levels of image quality and realism.

Extreme Attention To Detail - Stich By Stitch In Six Months

Other than the surfaces, RealTimeUK went the extra mile to ensure that all the small details were shown off perfectly.

For example, the company first made one single stitch, with the leather surface sculpted around it to create as much realism as possible.

That single stitch, was then applied all along the car so that each stitch was consistent, irrespective of the angle it was used. 

The same process was used for a variety of finishes to the leather, whether it was perforated, quilted or even hand cross stitch.

The Results Will Take Your Breath Away

The result of months of hard work is a configurator that makes you wish it had a Virtual Reality mode.

The attention to detail is extreme and it makes you want to reach out and touch every stitch and small detail and it is quite easy to loose yourself in it.

It Gets Even Better

As part of its 'Look Closer' campaign, Bentley released a 53 billion image of one of its cars on the Golden Gate Bridge.

As part of the same campaign, Bentley gives you a 360-degree view of the interiors of the car. This means you can once again explore the virtual Bentley, but this time in 3D Space. 

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Story first published: Saturday, August 13, 2016, 12:52 [IST]
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