The Car Collection Of Azim Premji - India's Under The Radar Billionaire

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Azim Premji, is the chairman of India's largest publicly traded company, Wipro. Wipro is estimated to be worth $45 Billion (Rs. 2.99 Trillion) while Mr Premji himself is said to be worth $16.5 Billion (Rs. 1.09 Trillion).

However, the chairman of Wipro is an everyday guy who prefers the simple things in life and plans to donate most of his money to charity.

So let's take a look at the rather frugal life of one of India's richest men especially his cars

The Ford Guy

Mr. Premji's first known car that we know of is a Ford Escort. He used the Escort for nine years before replacing it with a Toyota sedan.

The Decade With A Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla is the world's bestselling car of all time and was also Mr. Premji's daily driver car for almost a decade.

The Second Hand Three Pointed Star

Mr. Premji's senior executives and well-wishers advised him that it is time for an upgrade as his Toyota was getting quite old and was acting up a bit.

So in his rather inimitable style, Mr Premji went and bought himself an old Mercedes E-Class from one of his own employees who was looking to sell his old Merc.

Prefers 'Cattle Class'

The next time you complain that the seats in the economy class are a bit too small for you, do remember that one of India's richest men, Azim Premji, prefers flying in the same so called ‘cattle class'.

Public Transport Is A Part And Parcel Of His Life

Mr. Premji has been known for using public transport to move around. He's been on buses and is known to use the humble three wheeled auto rickshaw from time to time.

His Exact Opposite - The Uber Hater

However, India does play host to the other side of the richie rich club including a certain runaway Mr. Mallya who is known for whining about the drivers of app based taxi service Uber who apparently didn't allow his pets on board on Twitter.

Prefers To Leave His Jets Parked Indefinately

Mr. Mallya is also known for his rather extravagant lifestyle and is known to fly about on private jets.

However, one of his own private jets was sent to the scrapyard as part of payments for his rather large debts while the other will soon go to sale in an auction.

Seafaring Self-Appointed King Of Good Times

Mr. Mallya is known to cruise around the world in his 95-metre long yacht, the Indian Empress, which is powered by three 10,000-hp MTU 20-cylinder engines.

The yacht can play host 76 passengers and need a crew of 30 people to function properly.


The Daily Driver Bentley

While driving about in Bangalore and supporting his Royal Challengers Bangalore IPL team, Mr. Mallya was known to zip about in a red Bentley Continental Flying Spur.

The Bentley uses a 6.0-litre twin-turbocharged W12 to make 314bhp and 810Nm of torque.

The car is priced at Rs.3.1 Crores, ex-showroom.

Not His Only Flash Car

Mr. Mallya also has a brilliant collection of classic cars that he likes to show off from time to time including the Jaguar E-Type Series 3 Convertible.

Read more about his crazy car collection here.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 27, 2016, 13:44 [IST]
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