Audi's Lunar Quattro Is Ready To Roam The Moon

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German carmaker Audi has revealed the final design for its moon rover, the Lunar Quattro. The company claims that the rover will be ready to go to the moon once it goes through final testing.

The Lunar Quattro looks like a futuristic version of WALL-E, from the animated Pixar movie bearing the same name. However, unlike the animated robot, the Lunar Quattro features four wheels.

The Lunar Quattro is powered by electricity which drives all four wheels of the moon walking robot, which Audi makes it both a quattro and a e-tron vehicle.

The final design of the Lunar Quattro has made the Lunar vehicle larger than before which is reflected in the larger tyres as well. However the Lunar rover is now eight kilograms lighter at 30 kilograms compared to the 38 kilogram weight of the original design.

The Lunar Quattro is Audi's entry for the Google Lunar XPRIZE which calls for teams to land a privately funded lander and rover on the moon, drive the rover 500 meters, and send back photos.

The first team out of the 16 teams competing for the prize that meets these requirements gets $30 million.

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