Here’s The New Connection Between Porsche And The iOS 10 Update

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If people are wondering what it is, the connection is the new Porsche Emojis available with the iOS 10 update. The collection has 60 Porsches and here's what is on offer.

The Porsche Emojis include some of the carmaker's most important models in history, including every generation of the iconic 911. The Emojis also has various iterations of the 911 GT3.

If that is not enough, the Porsche Emojis include all 18 of of the brands 24 Hours Of Le Mans' winning cars, along with the the supercars made by the company, and also some of the front engines supercars made by Porsche like the 944 and the 928.

Few cars like the Porsche 917 have different liveries, which has intentionally been made to avoid copyright or licensing issues. If one may wonder why some of the cars are missing, the artist, promises there will be more in due course of time.

Once your device has got the iOS 10 update, you can download the Porsche Emojis directly from the artist's website. While these stickers are unofficial, expect carmakers to come up with their own set as this a great way to advertise.

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