Airlander 10: Interesting Facts About The Largest Flying Aircraft

Written by: Irwin

Automobiles were created out of necessity, which slowly became passion and lead people to venture out and make transport that could go on water and in the sky. This lead to developments in planes and in the modern world, travel by air has become as important as a regular commute by road.

Modern technology has redefined physics by making bigger planes take to the skies, and one among them, or rather the largest aircraft is the Airlander 10. Here are some interesting facts about the Airlander 10.

The Airlander 10, having been built in the UK is 92 meters long and can hold a million cubic feet (10,00,000 cubic feet) of Helium, good enough to dwarf the largest Jumbo Jet on earth.

The Airlander 10 is made of super strength fabric and the hull holds four engines, fins, and the flight deck.

The Airlander 10's design help the aircraft gain lift like an aircraft, but also help the humongous aircraft to take off and land in almost any terrain, given there is enough space.

The design of the aircraft also enables the aircraft to stay afloat for five days. Such ability gives the Airlander 10 to be used for various purposes like civilian and military use. It can be used for carrying people, lift machinery to remote places, and also be used for leisure purposes for the super rich.

Similar projects were carried out before, but the Airlander 10's design, with its triple-layer composites to keep in the gas, modern controls, and unique flying ability hopes to prove an evolutionary step towards the future of flying.

The Airlander 10, although not ready to be put in use yet, made its maiden, unrecorded flight in 2012 at at a secret US military facility in New Jersey. The AIrlander was piloted by David Burns, the chief test pilot.

As Burns describes his experience of flying the Airlander 10, he says he has the view of an airship from the cockpit, and the characteristics of a plane. Burns has flown Jumbo Jets extensively and claims the Airlander 10 has the best of both worlds.

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