Vanity Only Gets You So Far — Buyer of #1 Number Plate Arrested For Fraud

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Less than a fortnight ago, a man purchased the #1 number plate in Abu Dhabi for an astonishing 31 million Dirhams (Rs. 57.76 crores) as the city celebrated 50 years of the Abu Dhabi government.

The fraudster, bought the plate at the 19th November auction by the Emirates Auction house for the staggering price.

Now, the cheque cheat, is behind bars after a cheque he wrote to pay for the special edition plate bounced.

Under interrogation by the police, the man revealed that he did not have the money with him and was planning to sell the vanity plate for a profit to cover the amount he owed.

The fraudster has been remanded in custody for seven days during which he will be investigated by the public funds prosecution which charged him with fraud and knowingly writing a bad cheque.

Writing a bad cheque in the United Arab Emirates can lead to perp being fined a minimum of 500 Dirhams (Rs 9,316) with a jail sentence of no less than 3 years as an extra bonus.

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