9 Innovative Electric Bikes (Cycles) In The World

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Electric mobility is the new way as many carmakers are paying more attention to manufacture greener vehicles. Even motorcycles are getting electric packs instead of the traditional internal combustion engine.

Taking all this to account, bicycles too are getting electric motors. Fitting an electric motor makes perfect sense since traffic is a growing problem as well. Here are 9 innovative electric bikes in the world that will make perfect sense.

1. Gi FlyBike

The first electric bike on our list is the Gi FlyBike. The electric bike features a battery pack that has a range of 64km on a full charge, while it can also be ridden like a conventional bicycle. One can even charge a smartphone by plugging in the USB port and pedaling to generate the charge needed. But what makes the Gi FlyBike really special is the fact that its foldable.

2. Biomega OKO

Next up on our list is the OKO electric bike from a Dutch company called Biomega. The stylish looking electric bike is made of carbon fibre and can approximately travel a distance of 45 to 65km on a single charge. The electric battery is integrated into the centre of the frame, which helps distribute the weight better. The OKO electric bike can also reach a top speed of 25km/h.

3. Otocycle RaceR

The RaceR is made by a company called Otocycle, based out of Barcelona. The rather moped looking bike is partly made out of recycled material and can travel about 65km on a full charge assisted with pedals. The RaceR features a large LCD screen to show the user vital details about battery charge and performance.

4. Mahindra Genze e-bike

Mahindra has one on offer and is called the Genze e-bike. The Genze e-bike operates in three modes: pedal assist, throttle, and analogue. In the pedal assist mode, the motor kicks in as soon as you start pedaling. Another interesting feature about the e-bike is that the battery is removable, which makes it very versatile. It can be charged in any power socket and can be fully charged in four hours. The e-bike has a LCD screen that shows speed, pedal assist levels, as well as e-bike mode, and controls.

5. Ford MoDe:Flex

Ford has an electric bike as well, named the MoDe:Flex. The electric bike connects to your smartphone to plan routes, check forecasts, access fitness information, warn you about traffic and even potholes. The Ford MoDe:Flex can also be folded like the Gi FlyBike to help store it easier.

6. Leaos Solar

The Leaos Solar is an interesting bike since it has solar panels on either sides. The aim of the solar panels is not to charge an empty battery, but to not let a battery drain fully while being used. To get the most out of the solar panels, the bike must be at an angle of 90 degrees from the sun. The electric battery can be charged to full in two hours and will have a range of around 100km in pedal assist mode.

7. Piaggio Wi-Bike

Piaggio, the Italian scooter manufacturer has something to offer in the form of the Wi-Bike. Apart from looking very stylish, the Wi-Bike has an anti-theft feature. The electric bike will immediately send a text message to the owner if both are 16 feet away from each other, just to ensure no one has taken the bike away for a joy ride. The Piaggio Wi-Bike also has a 4-inch display and USB ports to charge your phone.

8. Sondors THIN

Sondors has an incredibly lightweight electric bike called the THIN. The frame weighs only 2.2kg and with a full charge, the bike can travel a distance of 50 to 80km with pedal assist, depending on the rider's weight.

9. Vanmoof’s Electric S

Probably more of an artwork than a mode of transport. Vanmoof's Electric S comes with its own app to do a lot of things like for example, lock and unlock remotely, track the location of the bike and even control the speed of the bike. The Electric S can travel over 110km on a fully charged battery pack.


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