8 Car And Driving Facts We Bet You Don’t Know

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The automobile world is filled with facts. It ranges from the person who invented cruise control to the first car ever manufactured. We are quite sure you would have read most of them and thought why is everybody speaking about the same facts over and over again.

Here's something new. Here are 8 facts related to cars and driving that is less known, but interesting at the same time. 

Many roundabouts in a lot of places are being replaced by traffic lights, but a few places in the world are still hanging on to them. France is one good example and did you know that France has half of all the world's roundabouts? The French are so obsessed with that they also display art installations.

The rule that says motorists should drive on the right side of the road was created in 1752, and the credit goes to the Empress Elizabeth of Russia. Parts of Europe and other countries adopted the rule later. In today's world, 165 countries drive on the right and 75 countries drive on the left.

Jussi Salonoja from Finland holds the record for paying the highest speeding ticket fine. Salonoja paid 170,000 Euros for driving at 80km/h on a 40km/h road in 2003. Why so much? That's because speeding ticket fines are partially calculated on the driver's income. The more you earn, the more you pay as a fine.

Road accidents and fatalities are becoming a common sight these days. But have you ever wondered which was the first recorded car accident? That dates back to 1869, when Mary Ward fell from a steam powered automobile and was crushed under the wheels. Ward's accident was the first motor vehicle fatality.

Have you ever seen a driver cut you off and thought what a bad driver that was? Well, bad driving is hereditary. Around 30 percent of drivers have a certain gene that produces less of a special protein that helps with memory, thus resulting in making errors on the road. The University of California-Irvine conducted a test to prove it.

Technicians working on a Saab 9-3 SS can actually play a game of Pong if they access the GM Tech II on the car's computer. That is because computers are getting very complex in new cars and many other hidden features could be found in the future.

The distance of the moon from the earth is on an average of 3,84,403km. It would take a person 157 days to cover that distance if he drove at 97km/h non stop. Light on the other hand, take four seconds to cover the same distance.

54 percent of drivers prefer to sing out loud when they are driving. At the same time, 9 percent don't mind driving naked, if nobody would see them!


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