7 Things That May Damage Vehicle Paint According To Ford

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A lot of care and efforts are put into purchasing of a vehicle by an individual. Most customers will do whatever it takes to keep their prized possession in pristine condition. The majority always want to maintain the exterior of their vehicle as that is what is seen first.

Surprisingly there are several things that the vehicle experiences on a daily basis that could ruin its precious paint coat. Now here seven things that could ruin the paint of your vehicle in the long run. Here are things listed by Ford India and easy tips from Richard Burt.

Splattered Bugs

When driving a car unknowingly we do encounter several insects and bugs. These insects and bugs have high acidic properties, which could etch paint if not taken cleaned carefully.

TIP: The faster the insect or bug is cleaned off the vehicle the better. For persistent bug splatters, you would need bug and tar remover, along with a clean microfibre cloth and some elbow grease.

Spilled Fuel

Many vehicle owners try and fill their fuel tank to the brim at least once a month. Unfortunately, most of us do not understand that fuel could spill over the painted surface and damage the clearcoat. Leaving fuel for an extended period on a painted surface could result in a satin texture without shine.

TIP: The easiest way is to keep a microfibre cloth close by while filling fuel. Cleaning fuel from the painted surface as soon as possible is the only precaution one can take. In the case of any damage due to fuel spillage, one can use instant detailer as well.

Bird Droppings

Finding bird droppings on the car is a common sight for those who do not have sheltered parking. Bird droppings contain a strong acid to break down their diet. The droppings if left for long periods could damage the shine as well as can be difficult to remove.

TIP: Prior to cleaning bird droppings, it is best to spray the washing solution over it. Soaking the bird dropping could aid in easy removal without any effort. Make sure to use a microfibre cloth for persistent stains with a lifting motion to avoid dragging the bird dropping over the painted surface.

Stone Chips

Driving on the road means that there would be stones and loose sand at some point. No matter how small these particles could be, when a car is travelling at high speeds, the impact would also be equivalent. There is a possibility of deep to light scratch marks.

TIP: Loose stones are unavoidable while driving, however, if you can see a deep scratch it's better to treat the area before rusting commences. Use of Ford's 3-wet paint technology provided a denser and stronger bond between elements in the paint.


Fingerprints seem so small, however, there is always some dirt on a vehicle. The dirt and using a finger to rub against the paint acts like sandpaper on paint. Everyone at some point has scribbled with their finger on a dirty vehicle with their name or some doodle.

TIP: You surely cannot stop others from doing this to your vehicle. Just make sure you do not rub your fingers on others vehicles and hope other follow a similar rule. Also, make sure to clean a vehicle with a microfibre cloth as often as possible.


The quality of air is constantly deteriorating and a murky environment could leave behind ash and soot on a vehicle. Most people's primary agenda would be to clean it with water, however, that could damage the paint by a formation of alkalis.

TIP: To avoid ash and soot accumulating on a vehicle it is best to cover a vehicle when parked. Incase ash is collected on a vehicle, one should try dusting the vehicle with a clean cloth.

Dirty Washing Accessories

Cleaning a vehicle is not going to be fruitful if the equipment is dirty. Even microfibre cloth if damaged or dirty could ruin paint quality. There is a possibility that cleaning equipment could also gather dirt and in turn affect the cleaning process.

TIP: Touchless wash is a better option for those looking at maintaining the shine and quality of their body paint. The cloth that has fallen on the floor could gather microscopic dirt which should be discarded.

Quick Recap

Take a look at all the points we touched upon in a quick video as well.

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