5 Essentials For Everyday Motorcycling

Two-wheelers in India have for a long time been just a mode of transport and not a subject of passion unlike other countries.

In recent times though, passion for motorcycling is slowly on the rise, from a person who can afford the latest Japanese sportbike to a person who is happy with his good old two stroke.

Motorcycles from any category can kill a person if not treated with respect and used without common sense.

When it comes to everyday commuting even, a small incident like when "I slid n' kissed the road" could end up being fatal. To avoid small instances like these resulting in big mishaps, here is a list of five motorcycling essentials everybody should have.

These everyday items may not look like much, but in an ugly situation, these will help the most!

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This is the most important thing when it comes to riding a two-wheeler. Choosing a helmet of the right size and purpose is very important. A full-face helmet can never be a wrong choice, irrespective of the class or size of the motorcycle. When a human being meets with an accident, the head will come in contact with the ground because the head is heavy.

The Helmet has to fit a person like a woolen cap. Tight. The higher the quality, the better the protection. And one major thing to be noted is that once a helmet has been dropped, it needs a change. Helmets are designed to take only one impact. And the helmet is of no use when it's not strapped on!


This may look like a fancy item or a style statement, but no. Sunglasses protect you eyes from dust and even from sharp sunlight. This is actually related to the helmet chosen. If the helmet has a transparent visor, sunglasses are a very good idea because even if it gets dark, you can take off the shades and pull down the visor.

Choose a pair of glasses after buying the helmet. Take the helmet along, see what glasses sit comfortably in the helmet. The need to fit correctly, at the same time be comfortable and protect your eyes from sunlight and dust.


Many would argue saying "I'm just riding a few kilometres. I'm not going to the Himalayas to wear gloves and ride around." That's pure stupidity. Even trying to take the bike off the side stand could result in a small fall, let alone riding at 60 km/h, and the first thing that comes in contact with the ground are your hands!

A good pair of motorcycling gloves will always save your hands. They are easy to carry as well, once you take off your helmet, you can carry them around in your helmet itself.


You can never go wrong wearing a jacket while riding. If you wear an armoured riding jacket, its the ultimate choice. Even if not, a small lightweight jacket will come in handy if there is a disaster.

The jackets will not only protect a person from direct sunlight, it will also protect a person's skin from coming in direct contact with the road in case of a fall or an accident. The jacket can always be folded away and kept in your backpack when not on the bike.


A pair of shoes is very important. There are few companies that sell street riding boots. They are not bulky and they go very well with a pair of jeans as well. If it is out of budget, any good pair of boots or even a pair of shoes is advisable.

There are many who ride with flip-flops, which is the most dangerous thing because if there is an accident involved, your feet are very vulnerable to injuries. Hurting a toe is the worst feeling. Even a simple thing like a kickback from a motorcycle kicker could injure one's foot.

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