15 Cool Furniture Made From Old Car Parts

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There are many cool recycled stuff out there. They range from normal shopping bags to roads. But there are those harcore petrolheads out there who have turned old car parts, and in some cases the cars itself into cool furniture.

Here are 15 cool furniture made from old car parts.

1. Pool Table

This is a very nice pool table made from parts off a Ford Mustang.

2. Sofa

The Chevrolet's rear design back in the days were known for their futuristic design. But no one expected an old car to turn into a sofa in the future.

3. Coffee Table

Crashing a Ferrari is not cool, but making a coffee table out of a crashed Ferrari is one of the coolest bits of furniture.

4. Another Coffee Table

If you thought a coffee table made from a crashed Ferrari was cool, how about a table made from an old Jaguar? A V12 engine to be specific.

5. Yet Another Coffee Table

Or how about a coffee table supported by old suspension springs?

6. Coffee Table Again!

But this time made from old radiators from a couple of Rolls-Royce cars.

7. Sink

This particular sink is made from an old Volvo. The safest sink in the world?

8. Bed

Cadillacs were known to be comfortable and this particular bed made from a Cadillac takes comfort to the next level.

9. Bed

It's another bed again, but this time made from the front end of a Mitsubishi Evo.

10. Chairs

How about getting out of those bucket seats from your car and walking into the office and sitting on bucket seats from a car again turned into office chairs?

11. Clock

Don't know what to do with your old license plate? Well, you can make into a clock.

12. Grill

Have you ever driven an old car that used to be troublesome and had the bonnet open with a steaming engine and thought, ‘I could grill something in here'? Well, this is something similar, but without the trouble.

13. Shelf

That is just one classy way of displaying things at home! A shelf made out of an old Jaguar.

14. Desk

Is your office desk boring? Well, if there is an old MINI lying around, it could solve the desk issue like this one.

15. Cabin

If you think that a desk made of an old MINI is boring, how about a small personal cabin made from the front portion of a bus?


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