10 Traffic Laws You Have No Idea About

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Traffic laws are not that simple as following the red light and buckling up your seat belts. In India, there are many more traffic laws that are not so popular. The Motor Vehicle Act covers some violations that you have no idea about.

These are the 10 traffic laws that are hardly known by the motorists. The rules are tailored to protect the driver and passengers in the vehicle.

1. Inappropriate Parking

If anybody has parked their vehicle right in front of your vehicle and it is obstructing your exit from the parking lot, you can call the traffic police and the driver of that vehicle will be penalised for Rs 100.

2. Vehicles Without Horn

If your vehicle's horn is not functioning then it may attract traffic ticket. Yes, as per the law a vehicle cannot be driven on the road without a horn to warn other commuters. The driver can be fined Rs 100 for such violation.

3. No First-Aid Kit

If you are in Chennai or Kolkata then a first-aid kit is a must. In the case of an accident if a driver fails to get his or her passenger the first-aid treatment, then the driver may land in jail for three months or can be penalised for Rs 500.

4. Smoking In The Vehicle

In Delhi-NCR, if you are smoking inside a vehicle it can attract a fine of Rs 100.

5. Parking In Front Of Public Utility

Parking your vehicle in front of public utility such as bus stops in Kolkata, it is an offence and attracts a fine of Rs 100

6. Borrowing Others Vehicle

If you are borrowing your friend's vehicle in Chennai make sure that your friend is aware of this. Not following this will result in a penalty of Rs 500 or a three-month term in jail.

7. Installing Video Device On Dashboard

In Mumbai installing an aftermarket video device on the dashboard of the vehicle is a punishable offence. You can be fined for Rs 100. Leaving your engine on while idle also attracts a fine of Rs 100.

8. No Traffic Laws For Non-Motorised Vehicles

Though it has been clarified that a golf cart is not allowed on the road but there are no penalties against non-motor vehicles such as cycles or rickshaws, since they don't fall under the Motor Vehicles Act.

9. Political Parties Can Solicit Your Vehicle During Elections

During the time of elections, a political party can solicit your car or motorcycle for campaigning purposes after reaching a settlement with you. Also, parties cannot offer free rides to and fro from poll booths.

10. You Cannot Be Fined Twice

If you have been fined once in a day you may be excused after that. Riding without a helmet can attract penalty. But the challan for the fine can get you without being fined for the same till midnight. Yes, but it doesn't mean that you should ride without a helmet. Make sure to be safe while driving.

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