10 Things We Miss About Old Indian Cars

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Touch screens, electronic aids, keyless entry, carbon fibre body panels and a computer that does almost everything in a car apart from the driver just steering it. Now there are plans to take away the driver even!

All these things are part of modern cars. Taking a look back in the days, anyone ever wondered what ever happened to the good old cars and the way driving used to be?

Well, here is a list of 10 things that we really miss about Indian cars:

1. Sturdy and cheap to fix body:

The first thing anybody would think of is the Ambassador or the Fiat. Yes, these cars had a sturdy body, yet they were cheap to fix them. Even till date, these cars are just perfectly suited to Indian city driving conditions. A small nick or a bump would hardly cost anything at all.

2. Rear seat comfort:

This is something cars like the Ambassador and Contessa offered, which was so comfortable that it could be compared to today's cars even. They were comfy as well as spacious.

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3. Full sized spare wheel:

Old Indian cars offered a proper spare wheel. Tyre could have been changed incase there was a puncture, and could even be used with that same wheel, without people knowing it was the spare wheel. Modern day cars have space savers and a spare wheel that just boasts to the world saying you are running your car with the spare wheel.

4. No electronic aids:

This is probably what the majority miss. There were no electronics to help one drive or to manage the engine. It was just man, machine and the love for each other.

5. Lightweight cars:

Cars were light. This made them guzzle less fuel since a smaller engine was sufficient. Light cars were fun to be driven as well.

6. Ease of repair:

Car engines were a lot less complicated. Repairs and breakdowns were fixable easily by any mechanic with knowledge and even by ourselves. There was no "plug in a laptop to find what the error is" non-sense. All that was required was a screwdriver and a few spanners, not geeks. Old cars were also a lot cheaper to fix.

7. Proper, actual keys:

Strange thing in the modern world is that car manufacturers have decided that keys belong in your pocket rather than the car's ignition. I dont see the time one saves using a push button to start the car instead of just turning the keys over.

8. Simple, uncomplicated interiors:

There was a knob or two that could be turned. Sometimes, even that missing. Cars of today have so many buttons that confuse a driver than offer safety. Its like "ooh, what does this button do?".

9. Manual gearbox:

Wonder why carmakers pulled away the most interesting feature about a car—a manual gear shift lever. Even when we were kids and imitating to drive a car, we mimicked ourselves holding a steering wheel with one hand and the gear lever in the other.

10. Thin A pillars:

Old cars had thin A pillars that gave hassle free view while cornering. It looked smart even. Modern cars are being made with thick A pillars that restrict our view. Giving up visibility for safety? Hmm, wonder how that helps..

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 17, 2015, 18:05 [IST]
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