10 Things To Watch Out While Driving In India

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India has seen a lot of road accidents take place. Authorities are on a constant task to reduce accident numbers.

This being a big task, a few things road users can keep in mind can help avoid such accidents. Just few common things kept in mind while driving will avoid damage that are worth a lot and a few that are priceless.

Here are ten things to watch out for while driving in India.

1. Two-Wheelers

Two-Wheelers are the cheapest and the most economic mode of transport in India. They are the smallest and the most maneuverable vehicles as well. So two-wheelers darting in and out of traffic and drifting into lanes is common, so watch out! Do not try to cut them off as well because they are very easy to lose control of and offer very little safety.

2. One way traffic

One ways in our country are places one should watch both sides before crossing. So watch out for vehicles coming the opposite direction on a one way street. There are many accidents that take place due to traffic not obeying one way rules. Two-wheelers and rickshaws are very common sightings that do not follow such rules.

3. Driving without lights

Driving without lights is a very common thing but also very dangerous. There will be many that drive without one or both headlights and tail lamps. Keep an eye open and if such vehicles are encountered, take your time and avoid driving close to them. Most importantly, don't follow a vehicle without a tail lamp.

4. Kids

Now this is very important. Watch out for kids playing on the streets. Playing outside their houses which are close to the main roads is very common. Driving ignorantly could knock off a kid and the result of that will be very bad. Just slow right down and honk. Proceed only after the kids have noticed the vehicle.

5. Animals

Cows or dogs standing right in the middle of the road and not moving is all part of routine life. Keep your eyes open and dogs are a big danger for two-wheelers. Just take a couple of minutes and avoid them. Hitting a cow will result in a lot of expense and emotional attack since it's livestock and considered holy as well.

6. Pedestrians

Pedestrians will walk all over the road apart from the sidewalk, and will also cross the road without any warning. Hitting a person will result in you serving time behind bars as well. Kids tend to run across without any warning so once you spot a pedestrian trying to cross the road, slow down.

7. Tractors & Carts

Tractors and carts driven by animals are a very common sight, even on highways. They have no headlights or tail lamps. One should watch out for them as an accident will be very disastrous even in a four-wheeler.

8. ‘U’ Turns

‘U' turns are major accident prone zones. Any gap between the median is a ‘U' turn point and this gets only worse on highways. Drivers will not slow down or look to the sides to ensure there is no oncoming traffic. Such mindless acts result in bad accidents.

9. Jumping Signals

Jumping signals may not seem life threatening but two-wheelers get mowed down by bigger vehicles. If the traffic light is orange, go for the brakes instead of the throttle.

10. Drunk Drivers

Accidents caused by people driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a big concern. Once under the influence, drivers feel the urge to drive fast, but with reflexes slower than usual, it will not give them time to react to a situation.

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