Summer Car Care: Maintenance Tips To Beat The Heat

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In the summertime when the weather is high ... well, great time for road trips. It's time to drop the roof and get the wind blowing through your hair as this is the ultimate time to go on long drives.

But, before you do that, is your car ready? Is your car ready to take heat? If in doubt, here is an ultimate guide for summer car care maintenance. These tips will help you and your car get through summer like the bright sunshine itself.

1. Paint

The paint job on your car may look great under the sun, but what is actually happening is that the sun is slowly eating away that shine. Cars left under the bright sun will slowly lose the shine, leading to faded, dull patches. Always remember to park your car in the shade.

2. Interior/Upholstery

Apart from damaging the paint, the sun will get the interior very hot as well. Specially if you have leather seats or black seats, it will become really hot. If your car has been parked under the sun for a while, open the doors and let it cool a little before you get in. Sometimes even breathing gets difficult if the car has been left under the sun for long.

3. Glass

The sun is powerful enough to crack your vehicle's windshield, so if you have no other go but to park it under the sun, cover the car. Windshields can not only be expensive, but fitting them is quite a process, and availability too, is a concern.

4. Tyre

Make sure the tyres have enough tread on them and are also inflated to the right pressure and aligned correctly. Driving the car on hot tarmac can cause punctures, and uneven tyre wear, which will reduce your tyre's overall life.

5. Coolant

Make sure the coolant level is topped up to the recommended amount, and if the coolant has not been changed over a long course of time, get it changed by an authorised service centre. Also, get the radiator fins checked and cleaned if necessary. If the radiator or the cooling system is faulty or clogged, it can lead to permanent engine damage, which will cost a lot.

6. Engine Oil

The engine oil is the second most important liquid after fuel. Have your car serviced on time and get the technician to check the viscosity of the oil, which is very important, and also for the oil level. The viscosity of the oil helps keep the engine well lubricated, which directly means better performance and longer life. Heat from the engine and weather reduces the viscosity, so get it checked.

7. Air Conditioning

Get the air conditioning checked with an authorised service centre as you would be using it a lot. Make sure there is enough gas in it, and also make sure there is no leak or blocks in the cooling system. Try not starting the car with the AC turned on, as it is extra load on the battery, and could result in a fuse giving way. Start the car and then turn on the AC with the windows rolled down (if the car is hot inside).

8. Battery

Check the battery terminals for corrosion. The battery is on constant load during summers as the AC is constantly on. Also check the battery for acid/ distilled water levels, because low levels may damage the battery cells permanently.

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