How To Push Start A Car

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You crank the ignition but all is dead. Angry honking from behind begins and it's a situation none of us look forward to, that's for certain.

However, don't fret just as yet, because there's a simple procedure you can try. Push starting your car is an old trick, and is often the best temporary solution to get your car moving again, so you can at least drive it to the nearest workshop to have it checked.

We've put together an easy-to-understand guide to push starting your car, so read on and be informed.

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Arun left work early so he could reach home early for his son's birthday party. He put the key into the ignition and turned it, but all was dead. The car was cranking fine, but not starting for some reason. Of all the days, he thought.

He phoned Naveen, a guru of all things automotive, and asked for his help. When the big man reached the car and saw Arun''s crestfallen face, he calmly said, "Not to worry, Arun, we'll get you home on time." Luckily for the anxious Arun, Naveen knew one of the oldest tricks in the book, and decided that they would get help and push start the car.

"Pop open the bonnet, and let's check the the battery." All seemed fine there, the terminals were clean and did not have any deposits that would prevent regular functioning.

Naveen then got into the car and turned the ignition to the "On" position.

"Okay, the car is on. The next step is to release the handbrake", he explained to Arun.

"What I'm going to do now is depress the clutch fully, to allow the car to roll forward when it is pushed."

"Next, put the car into second gear because trying to start the car in first put a lot of stress on the clutch and the gearbox", he added. "The start will also be much smoother instead of a huge jerk you will experience if you try starting in first."

Help had arrived in Prathap and Satish, and all was in place now to try and get the car going. Naveen instructed them to begin pushing the car from behind. Satish conveniently thought some cheering would help the cause, as the car began rolling forward.

To avoid a seriously painful experience, Naveen instructed Prathap and Satish to remember to stop pushing the car once it gathered enough speed, or risk getting hit when the clutch is released. Alas, a little too late...

The car was pushed till the car had built up a little momentum, and it fired as soon as Naveen popped the clutch (let it go suddenly). He later explained that you need to release the clutch quickly, or the engine will not fire. Naveen reminded the joyous Arun, "Don't turn the car off now, you may not be lucky enough to get help next time!"

And that is how to push start a car.

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