Simple Guide To Prevent Rust In Your Car — Extend The Life Of Your Car

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After investing a lot of money into buying your car, you will want to maintain it and make sure the money invested is worth it.

There are ways to prevent rusting and avoid damages in your car, this not only helps to keep your car new and clean but helps to maintain the value of your car at the very top.

Here are simple six steps to avoid the rusting of your car.


Wash your car once in two weeks and if necessary wash it once in a week if it has been through rough conditions like rain or slush.


By waxing your car every three-four months keeps the rust away from your car. It even adds some shine to your car which invariably increases the value of your car.

Keep Your Car Clean Inside Out

Your car is not just for transportation sometimes it becomes your home as well and you end eating your favorite chips or even drinking your take away coffee. You might end up leaving those empty packets or cups for days, this will lead to spills and cause rusting.


If you are living by the ocean or drive in the winter, there is a lot of salts which can increase the rust in your car. By washing the car regularly will help wash off the salts on your car.

Wash The Underside Of Your Car

Cleaning should not just be on the outside, it has to come from within as well, especially the underside of your car. Dust, dirt and slush tend to stick to the underside the most and cleaning them as and when required helps prevent rust.

Dry Wipe Your Car

After a good wash, your car needs some tender car as well. Give it a nice dry rub and try and remove as much as water from the body. By leaving it with water not only helps prevent rust but keeps your looking new and fresh.

Car Cover

One of the essential tips is to cover your car, it minimises the damages if there are any. A branded car cover will even keep away the sunlight to an extent. A car covered will indeed increase the life of your car.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 25, 2016, 16:33 [IST]
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