How To Sell Your Used Car: 11 Tips To Get More Bucks

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One of the most difficult stages of owning an automobile is when it is time to part with it. It could either be because you want another car or may even be because you are moving away to a place where you won't be able to take the car.

The biggest concern one would face while selling their car is, will they get the right value? Well, here are 11 important steps to keep in mind when selling your car that will help you get the best.

1. Wash and clean:

Step one and the most important one of all—wash the car. The car has to be spic and span. A few hundreds spent on washing will turn into a few thousands in profit while selling. A good thorough wash will reveal scars and paint fades which will make you better aware of the car.

2. Take good photos:

That's step 2. If you are planning to put it up for sale in the internet, a good photo is key to getting customers noticed. People would connect more if the car looks good.

3. Do not tamper with the readings:

The kilometres that your vehicle has done is very important. Never, ever tamper with it. Also, remember to put up the original details about how much the car has run on the internet, along with the photo of the car and the number of previous owners it had. Being truthful is the best way.

4. Knowing the true value of the car:

Before telling anyone how much you are expecting for your car, just head out or sit in front of the computer and do basic research about how much the value of your car is. This will help you price it right.

5. Offers:

Now, once the car has been seen for sale, calls will rain in. Car brokers will offer prices that will seem attractive, but keep in mind, that was why it was important for you to research and find out about the market value of the car. Brokers usually offer five to ten thousand rupees lower than the market value so do not get tempted.

6. Interested buyers:

Once you think you have a suitable buyer for the car, take down his details. Also, give him facts about the car, like the kilometers run, number of owners and the price you are quoting. If the person is a genuine customer, he will call back.

7. Stick to your price:

Remember, when you have decided your price, stick to it. If you have think the person is a right buyer, but he is offering you less than what you are expecting, don't say ok. Stick to your price. That way, the buyer will know that you are not desperate to sell your car or that he is not the only customer interested.

8. Providing right details:

When an interested person has decided to come see the car, give him accurate information regarding where the car has been maintained, but again, make sure that you don't panic and give out too many details. Show document copies of the vehicle but you must be in charge of the original paperwork.

9. Getting to know the buyer:

So once the person is interested, don't confirm the deal immediately. Do a quick background verification about your buyer. Just simple things like where the person works, does he have another car, what car did he own and why does he want a car. Keep it simple and informal but try gathering as much info as possible.

10. Paper work:

So once the deal is ok between you and the buyer, and cash or payment has been received, it is now time to hand over the vehicle's paperwork. Sign the vehicle ownership transfer form and also get the sale and delivery notice signed. Keep a copy of the buyer's ID proof and the delivery notice. This is a proof that the buyer has taken delivery of the car.

11. Things to keep in mind:

This is just a quick reminder of things that should be avoided. Never make a deal in the night. Broad daylight is always the best time. When a person is paying you by cash, double check it to make sure the notes are not fake. As soon as the car is sold, follow up with the person to ensure the vehicle ownership has been changed.

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Story first published: Friday, March 27, 2015, 11:59 [IST]
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