Your DL Might Be Delayed Due To Shortage Of Smart Cards

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Expect a delay in delivery of your driving licence (DL) and registration certificate (RC). Because the Transport Department of Karnataka is running short of smart cards.

There is a shortage of smart cards across the state due to an internal dispute with the service provider. The Transport Department has issued a notice to the service provider and even threatened to terminate the contract if the demands are not met.

The regional transport offices (RTOs) in Karnataka has been facing the shortage of smart cards due to non-supply of the cards from the past couple of months.

Transport Minister of Karnataka, Ramalinga Reddy said, "I have spoken to the commissioner and directed him to fix the problem at the earliest. Due to internal disputes of the service provider, there is shortage in supply of cards."

There is a demand for four lakh smart cards per month. Due to the scarcity of cards, people who cleared driving tests and completed procedure to register new vehicles are waiting to get the cards.

A Transport Department official said, "There are some internal disputes between lead service provider and its implementing partners. The department has nothing do with their internal issues. Our concern is about the non-supply of cards or delay in supply of cards."

In Bangalore alone, more than 1,000 new vehicles are registered every day, and nearly 1,000 to 1,500 people apply for driving licence. So, the shortage of smart cards is posing a big problem for the Transport Department.

A regional transport officer in Bangalore said, "Obviously, non-supply of cards has made an impact on their issuance. We had faced acute shortage of cards in January. When the matter was raised with the higher-ups, for a few weeks there was supply, but that again stopped."

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