You Can Now Use Google Home To Start Your Hyundai

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South Korean carmaker Hyundai has announced the integration of Google Assistant to select models. This will support advanced voice commands like "Ok, Google, start up my Hyundai", which makes Hyundai vehicles more connected than before.

The carmaker announced this at CES 2017, to add voice control to a few of its models through Google Home. Hyundai is one of the leading manufacturers who is really quick to adopt advances in the consumer electronics industry for the benefit of its customers.

Hyundai was one of the first manufacturers to offer support for both, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. And now, Hyundai is also the first major car manufacturer to make the connection with Google Assistant on the Google Home platform.

Hyundai models with Google Home can be seamlessly connected by linking a customer's Blue Link Account with the Google Assistant voice activated services. This will allow the owners to give instructions to the Google assistant to find places and navigate, to close and open the window, to adjust the temperature, etc.

For example, if the owner wants to start his Hyundai Ioniq, the owner simply needs to say "Ok Google, ask Blue Link to Start up my Ioniq," and the assistant will respond by asking owner's Blue Link PIN. Once the pin is confirmed, the car will start.

Manish Mehrotra, Director of Digital Business Planning and Connected Operations, said about the technology, "Our customers are finding smart home integrations like the one we are showcasing with Google Home to be very useful and convenient.

"We will continue to add layers of convenience to the Blue Link connected car system and our cars, making features like remote EV charge management, remote locking, temperature and remote start easier than ever while sitting on the couch and saying ‘Ok Google'."

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