World's Maiden Modular Autonomous Vehicle Revealed

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Several automakers are busy developing the autonomous technology. And now, a company from the US has designed the world's first modular self-driving vehicle.

The fully modular autonomous vehicle is named as Edit. The vehicle is specially designed for the service industry and automotive startup companies. It is developed and engineered in Italy by a firm called Camal. Design is done by Paolo Atko, a California-based firm OSVehicle.

Edit is built on a single modular platform. The customers can design and interchange the body panels based on the application of the vehicle.

The body of the Edit is divided into five main segments - front, rear, roof, double symmetrical doors and chassis. The four modular parts on top of the chassis reduce the process and cost of manufacturing.

The overall shape of the vehicle remains the same. The company doesn't reveal the technical details of the platform. But the company suggests that an electric motor will do the job. It is also customisable to achieve level 5 autonomous driving. But the buyer should have the technology.

Edit is the OSVehicle's second project after the Tabby Evo project in 2015 which follows the same strategy. There are no details about when the Edit will be available to the consumers.


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