Volvo's Autonomous Garbage Truck Is Here To Do All Your Dirty Works

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Volvo has been busy pumping money into autonomous vehicle tech, particularly in rolling out their limited pilot project that enables 100 motorists to test the self-driving XC90 SUV. The Swedish automaker has now come up with this: an autonomous garbage truck.

Volvo, designed its new truck along with waste management company Renova. According to the company, the new project is envisioned to make a better working environment for drivers.

When the drivers take their truck (driven manually) through a route for the first time, the automated system gathers information and maps the data through a series of sensors. The next the driver chose the same route, Volvo says the truck will know how to get to the destination.

What's really clever is, the truck can even reverse itself while traveling along the route. Volvo says, the truck "automatically reverses" to the next bin on driver's voice command, utilizing the GPS and LiDAR-based systems for mapping, and scanning the road.

"And since the driver doesn't have to climb in and out of the cab at every start and stop, the risks of work-related injuries such as knee pain and other issues can also be brought down to an extent," the company added.

Volvo claims that the truck's steering, gearshifts, and speed are automated, and the truck is programmed to come to an automatic halt if an obstacle appears on the road.

Volvo will be testing its pilot program through the end of this year before it goes into an evaluation period. The plan is to study how the drivers, other motorists, and residents feel about the trucks.

You can see how well the systems work in the video given below.

Mindblowing stuff, right? Will this tech ever make its way into India? Let's wait and watch. Till then, watch this space for the coolest stories from the automotive world.

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