Volkswagen Sued Over Diesel Gate Scandal In Germany By Customer

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Volkswagen, the German carmaker is in trouble again, after Deutsche See, a German fish distributor is suing the carmaker for misrepresenting a fleet of vehicles it leased as environmentally friendly.

Deutsche See will be the first major German customer to sue Volkswagen over the Diesel Gate Scandal, since the company leases around 500 vehicles from Volkswagen.

The carmaker already faces lawsuits from dealers, individuals, states, and regulators in the US. Deutsche See claims that it had been unable to reach an out-of-court settlement, and talks stopped after relevant managers were replaced by lawyers and PR managers.

Bild am Sonntag, a German tabloid said Deutsche See was suing Volkswagen for 11.9 million Euros ($12.8 million). Volkswagen said that the company has not seen the charge yet, so will not comment.

The Diesel Gate Scandal has cost Volkswagen over $21.6 billion and the former Chief Executive of the company is being investigated by German prosecutors.

Speaking of environmentally friendly cars made by the Germans, the BMW i8 comes to one's mind. Take a look at the image gallery below.

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