Volkswagen Of America Launches Electrify America LLB — A Wholly Owned Subsidiary

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German carmaker Volkswagen was in the news for all the wrong reasons, and now, times have changed since Volkswagen of America has taken a step towards 'Green Future' and has launched Electrify America LLB.

Electrify America LLB is a wholly owned subsidiary of VW, aimed at building electric infrastructure in the US. The company is committed to invest $2 billion towards zero-emission vehicle infrastructure that the automaker agreed to in its Diesel Gate settlement.

As per plan, VW will set up 500 electric charging station across the US; 200 stations along highways to help with cross country charging, and the remaining 300 stations in 15 metros.

Volkswagen will also create a ‘Green City' in California, as part of a pilot project to test electric shuttle, car sharing, and transit programs.

Electrify America LLB, although owned by Volkswagen, will not be specific to the brand. None of the charging stations will be Volkswagen specific, including the ‘GreenCity'.

Setting up charging stations would also help other carmakers, like the Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ Concept, that was showcased.

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