Driving Licence And Vehicle Registration Prices Hiked

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The central government announced on Friday that applications to get a driver's licence and vehicle registrations have been hiked.

The charges for renewing a driver's licence, which was Rs 50, is now Rs 200 after the increase in price. Registering a new vehicle's price has increased ten folds, and the charges for registering a driving school is now Rs 10,000.

The charges and registration prices for imported vehicles, like cars and motorcycles have also seen a hike in price.

Below is a detailed list after the new price hike:

  • Learner's license fee: Rs 150
  • License renewal fee: Rs 200
  • Nationwide driving permit: Rs 1,000
  • Driving school license renewal: Rs 5,000
  • Three-wheeler registration fees: Rs 1,000
  • Buses and trucks: Rs 1,500
  • Duplicate license fee: Rs 5000

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