7 Upcoming Electric, Hybrid, And Autonomous Vehicles From Ford

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Earlier, we had mentioned Ford's plans on sacking a .6 billion factory deal in Mexico and how the carmaker has plans to invest money in the US itself for a new factory.

The factory in Massachusetts that Ford is planning to invest in, will build electric, hybrid, and autonomous cars. Ford has managed to unveil plans and here are the seven vehicles that will roll out in the future.

First up will be an all-new fully electric small SUV that will hit the roads by 2020. The electric SUV will have an estimated range of at least 300 miles, and will be sold in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Next up will be a high-volume autonomous vehicle designed for ride services fleets or ride sharing, starting in North America. The hybrid vehicle will make a debut in 2021, and will have no steering wheel or even a brake pedal.

The F-150 pickup is a best-seller for Ford in many parts of the world and the carmaker has plans to introduce a hybrid version by the year 2020. The F-150 hybrid will be sold in the North American and the Middle East markets.

Ford's even eyed the performance segment and will introduce a hybrid Mustang that will deliver power from a hybrid V8 engine. The Mustang Hybrid is to make its debut in 2020 and will be available in the North American market first.

Ford has plans to come up with a Transit Custom plug-in hybrid, which can be expected in 2019 for the European market. The hybrid Transit will focus on cost cutting for operators and will be designed to operate in congested streets.

Even the cops will soon be handed over hybrid pursuit cars. Ford has plans of two new hybrid police vehicles, of which one of them will be built in Chicago.

Also, Ford announces that its global utility range of vehicles will be the company's first hybrids powered by EcoBoost technology, instead of naturally aspirated engines, that will help increase fuel economy.

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