Tesla Cars Could Soon Join The Police Fleet In The UK

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UK's Scotland Yard recently announced that they will be shifting to 250 'alternate energy' cars for their police fleet, as a measure to keep air pollution under control. When spoken about such cars, Tesla is one of the brands that would strike a person's mind.

In fact, London Metropolitan Police's Chief has already spoken to Elon Musk about having his cars as part of the police fleet. The police force has already stopped buying diesel powered cars for the fleet to help support the diminishing quality of air.

Sources suggest that the police is looking to buy 250 hybrid or alternatively powered cars for their fleet in the next 12 months. This is a part of a bigger plan that the police are looking for - replace 700 cars out of 4000 cars in their fleet.

Officials also say that they are speaking to other carmakers apart from tesla, such as Mercedes, Nissan, Ford, Renault, and VW to test their models. Tesla has already given a previous generation Model S P85D to the LAPD for testing.

Electric vehicles are now on the rise and Mercedes Generation EQ Concept looks promising, although it is only a concept at the moment. Take a look at the image gallery below.

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