Toyota, Suzuki Confirm Partnership — Here’s More!

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Probably one of the biggest news of the year — Toyota and Suzuki, two of the leading Japanese carmakers have joined forces, which will help both companies grow.

The news comes a little more than a year since Suzuki parted ways with Volkswagen, and the two automotive giants announced a partnership proposal in October 2016.

Suzuki will gain access to Toyota's technology, while Toyota can make use of Suzuki's strong market hold in India. The two companies will make an alliance towards green vehicles, safety and information technology, and supply of products and components. The two companies will also invest on autonomous car technology.

The partnership is expected to give Maruti a boost, since the carmaker sells more cars here compared to what Suzuki sells globally. Now since Suzuki has access to Toyota's technology, Maruti is expected to take advantage and implement those technologies for cars in India.

Toyota will benefit from Suzuki's dealership network in India that has been established since 1980, and help sell some of Toyota's mainstream cars to be developed and sold in India.

One such vehicle that could use tech from Toyota may be the new Suzuki Swift that is due to launch soon in India. Take a look at the gallery below.

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