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Tata Motors’ Air-powered Car Could Hit The Market In 2020

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Back in 2007, Tata Motors made a deal with Motor Development International (MDI), a French firm to roll out a car that will run on compressed air. The project both companies are working was named as Airpod.

According to some emerging reports on the internet, Tata Motors' new car that is powered by compressed air technology could be launched in the country in three years of time. The manufacturer has also successfully completed the first phase of the project long back.

The second stage of the detailed development started a few years ago. Dr. Tim Leverton, President and Head at Advanced and Product Engineering, Tata Motors told Autocar Professional, "We are now at a point where we are starting industrialisation (of the project)."

Tata's new car will be an answer to environmental degradation and energy shortages. These type of cars will weigh less than conventional cars because of the aluminium construction. Air-powered cars will weigh under 907kg, which will make them more fuel efficient.

The Airpod concept can be driven with the help of joystick and only costs Rs 70 per 200 km. Tata has not revealed many details about its upcoming air-powered car. The production model of the Airpod will have a top speed of more than 65km/h.

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