Subaru Pulled Off This Insane Stunt On The World’s Oldest Bobsleigh

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Have you ever imagined a car going through a bobsleigh ice track? Yes, Subaru has done this crazy stunt by driving the car on the world's oldest bobsleigh in Italy.

St. Moritz-Celerina Olympic bob run in Italy is the world's oldest and only remaining natural ice track and Subaru chose this location to perform the insane drive down the hill. Behind the wheel was three-time British Rally Champion and Isle Of Man record holder, Mark Higgins.

To do this run down the ice track, Prodrive had to tweak its two-year-old Subaru. From the exterior, the car is in its stock state, but additional steel bracing and extra rubber bumpers were fitted to protect the car while bouncing down the hill.

The spring rates on the Subaru were dialled up to extremely stiff levels on all the four wheels; the adjustable shocks were fitted over inflated 135mm WRC tyres with 400 tungsten carbide studs on each tyre to bite the ice.

Because of the narrow bridge on the lower section of the track, Subaru could only use the top part of the track and had to conquer 98 feet long bend called as the Horse Shoe was the exciting part of the run.

Higgins made it through the track by pinballing between the walls and made an excellent entry to the Horse Shoe Bend. But the car could no handle the 2.5G of gravity and was hitting the walls, and somehow Mark managed to keep the car on four wheels.

At the end of the run Higgins left enough debris of the Subaru on the track, but more importantly, the Subaru survived the craziest of stunt done in a car. Soon after the stunt, the track was demolished as Prodrive did not want anybody getting hurt trying to do the insane stunt on their cars.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 15, 2017, 11:58 [IST]
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