Delhi Cab Drivers Set To Challenge Uber And Ola With Their Own App — The Clash Of The Taxi Titans?

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The app-based taxi platform is a great business module and has proved to be a success for Uber and Ola, who lead the market. Now, taxi drivers in Delhi have come up with their own app, scheduled to launch on April 7, 2017.

The app, called the Sewa Cab, will be run by the taxi drivers themselves and will take on Uber and Ola directly. Also, unlike Uber and Ola who charge 27 percent of the total fare as commissions, the Sewa Cab app will require the drivers to pay Rs 700 per month to stay on the platform.

The Sewa Cab app was already demonstrated to the media and to book a cab, a customer will have to hail one through the app, and the closest cab will get a notification. The driver will be able to stay in touch with the customer through mobile numbers.

Once the cab arrives at the customer's address, the driver will enter the customer's mobile number which will start the fare meter and display the total cost of a ride. To start with, drivers will accept cash only, and in due course of time, digital wallets will also be added.

The cab union has also managed to get some drivers on board and has built a community. The participating drivers, the ones on board with the new app, are kept posted via news, information, and manuals.

Fares for the Sewa Cab app have not been revealed yet and could be hard to match fares of that charged by Uber or Ola.


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