Idiot Proves Why A Range Rover Might Not Be The Best Car To Pull A J-Turn

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The Range Rover has more than decent off-road abilities, a luxurious interior with a lot of room, and a powerful engine - but none of these capabilities make it a good vehicle to pull off a J-turn.

There are two factors that make the SUV one of the worst possible choices: a tall stance and soft suspension setting.

For a professional stunt driver, it would've been easy to pull off a successful maneuver, but since this guy was recording on a public street, doing the stunt in his driveway, we could assume how this was going to end.

You can see the video below and decide if he should be trying to pull off this stunt again.

DriveSpark thinks, before you find yourself in a situation like this, please make sure you're on a closed road and you have the right car.

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