I Would Have Preferred Alonso To Replace Me — Nico Rosberg

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Nico Rosberg, the retired Formula One Champion has revealed that he would have been pleased if Fernando Alonso would have taken his position in the Mercedes team.

In an interview with Marca, a Spanish publication, Rosberg revealed his preference for Alonso, in part because of his previously fractious relationship with Hamilton, when asked who he would personally pick to join the Mercedes team.

He said, "Because I'm now a fan, and on that side of the fence, it's very easy to respond. Everyone says Alonso and I say it too, because there would be fireworks with Hamilton. As a fan, it would be nice, but for the team, it wouldn't work."

Rosberg says Bottas is an ideal choice for Mercedes, although it won't be easy for the Finnish driver to come in and beat the three-time champion.

Mercedes has been dominating the track in the grand prix races, but fans have the choice of experiencing performance at its best on road too, with the Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster, pictured in the image gallery below.

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