Karnataka Government Grants 15-Day Extension To Cab Sharing Services

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The Government of Karnataka has granted a 15-day extension to online cab aggregators such as Ola and Uber to comply with the rules regarding cab sharing services.

During the 15-day extension period, the cab aggregators are expected to modify their software to withdraw the cab sharing services such as UberPool and OlaShare.

Although, during the extension period, the cab aggregators can appeal against the ban on the cab sharing services, also during the 15-day period cab aggregators can continue to offer cab sharing services.

Transport Commissioner MK Aiyappa said: "We will stop enforcement for the next 15 days.During this period, the aggregators have agreed to make necessary changes in their mobile apps. They can also seek to amend the Karnataka Motor Vehicle Rule."

Before granting an extension to the cab sharing services, the transport department seized around 30 cabs that were offering ride-sharing service on Friday. Earlier the transport department had warned about strict action against the cab sharing services from Friday.

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