Jaguar Land Rover Wants To Create An Intuitive Experience In Its Cars

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Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has invested $15 million minority stake in the connected car technology firm CloudCar.

The stake by JLR on the Palo-Alto based CloudCar firm highlights the British carmaker's plan to continue building high-tech models with connected driver experiences. The first vehicle from JLR to be equipped with this technology will be the upcoming Jaguar I-Pace SUV.

The CloudCar car tech firm says that it works to create "an evergreen and intuitive experience for connected-onboard infotainment solutions for the car."

The platform from CloudCar uses Natural Language Voice technology, along with innovations in Machine Learning to provide "personalised, distraction-free & predictive driving experiences."

Hanno Kirner, Executive Director of Corporate Strategy for Jaguar Land Rover, said that this represents an important step in developing connected car technology. CloudCar has been working with premium manufacturers on some of the most exciting opportunities and challenges in the fields of machine learning and infotainment.

He further added that this investment is integral to JLRs vehicle technology programme: but the programme also presents an invaluable opportunity for other automotive manufacturers to get involved.

He also said that the eventual need to integrate into the car hundreds of driver-focused global cloud services and content means this platform is an excellent example where cooperation between OEMs can improve outcomes for customers, as well as reducing costs.

CloudCar CEO Philipp Popov was excited about the deepening relationship with JLR and they are looking forward to other manufacturers benefiting from their recent progress in the field of connected cars.

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