Jaguar Land Rover Drops Its Compact SUV Plan For India

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Jaguar Land Rover had planned to make India as the company's manufacturing and exporting hub. But JLR has dropped this plan to focus on the American and European markets.

JLR had planned to set up a manufacturing facility at Pune near its parent company Tata's manufacturing facility. The plant was supposed to manufacture around 1 lakh units per year including the new compact SUV.

But the plan of the new compact SUV has been ditched. Currently, India is becoming a hub for exporting vehicles as the cost of manufacturing is low compared to other countries.

But now JLR wants to focus on the American and European markets where the company generates more sales compared to the Indian market.

So now JLR plans to set up its manufacturing plant in the US to avoid the extra import duty levied by the newly elected US President Donald Trump.

Currently, JLR assembles its vehicles received from the imported kits in Pune. Whereas the company sold 54,800 units between April and December 2016. So, it makes sense for JLR to focus on the American and US market.
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