New Road Charges Electric Vehicles On The Go — Is This EV Nirvana?

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Electric vehicles are said to be the future of transport with the increase in pollution levels. Several automakers are busy developing electric vehicles. But nobody thinks about the roads the electric cars drive on.

The main hurdle for the electric vehicles is the lack of charging stations. To solve this problem, the Israeli government has partnered with a local company. The project will involve installing technology on the road to charge electric buses on the go.

As part of this project, an Israeli startup firm, Electroad has received 120,000 dollars (approximately Rs 77.22 lakh) from the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety. The company will test its technology on a half mile stretch of road next year.

If the testing goes as per plan, an 18km smart road will be installed between the city of Eilat and the Ramon International Airport.

Electroad's smart road technology works on electromagnets with copper plates on the road. Similarly, the copper plates will be installed on the buses to transmit the power and charge the vehicle on the go.

CEO of Electroad, Oren Eze said, "We are currently testing the durability of our under-the-road infrastructure,." As the traffic on the road will be heavy, the technology should withstand the constant barrage of vehicles.

Oze added, "This is the first technology to offer cost effective and safe wireless on-the-go charging for electric vehicles. It is exciting since it deals with the obstacles in the massive shift towards public electric transportation and thus has the potential to create a global transportation and energy revolution."

Oze also stated that the first example of this technology would be installed in Israel. But it will be not limited to a country when the technology is fully developed. He said that the technology would be taken to France, Sweden, Germany, USA and many other countries.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 18, 2017, 14:40 [IST]
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