Honda Mid-Engine Sports Car Patent Filed — Here Are The Details!

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In 2015, Honda showcased the fresh and modern Project 2&4 concept - a machine that won the company's in-house "Global Design Project" competition.

Not many believed that the idea would make it to production, but Honda has now filed a patent for a mid-engined sports car that looksvery similar to the 2&4 concept vehicle. The patent shows a car with a cast aluminium chassis, which is said to be very light, and stiff and can be manufactured quickly as well.

The patent layout reveals the frame of the sports car with a pair of seats, suspension, and four wheels. The engine is placed behind the seats and sends its power to the rear wheels.

Apart from the engine and the seats, the layout shows the steering wheel, pedals, and the instrument cluster, among others.

The patent lists several beneficial features such as different seating configurations for either left- or right-hand-drive markets, or for just a single person. The frame also features provisions for inflatable roll-over protection.

The chassis has specific areas where mechanical updates can be fitted. The spine running between the seats is hollow so as to fit a fuel tank.

At the rear, the chassis curves around the engine, and is shaped to allow cool air to run over the engine.

The patent also states that the frame of the new sports car play host to electric motors as well as regularinternal combustion engines.

Honda currently builds a minuscule sports car for the Japanese market called the S660, and the new patent images confirm that the Japanese firm is set to return to the sports car segment in the global markets as well.

While the Honda mid-engine sports car is still a while away, here are the photos of the newly launched Honda City, click to view.

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