Ford To Build Cars With One Of The Strongest Natural Materials — Bamboo

Ford is looking at making cars with bamboo and claims that it is not only one of the strongest natural materials, but also easily available.

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Ford has taken the term 'save the environment' to a whole new level as the American carmaker is looking to build cars with one of the strongest natural materials around the world - bamboo.

Ford, in an official statement, said, "Soon, some surfaces inside our vehicles could be made from a combination of bamboo and plastic to create super hard material." Janet Yin, a Materials Engineering Supervisor at Ford, added, "Bamboo is amazing. It's strong, flexible, totally renewable, and plentiful in China and many other parts of Asia."

Ford has worked with suppliers over the past few years to evaluate the viability of using bamboo for vehicle interiors and combining it with plastic to make super hard components.


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