Tesla In Trouble — Customers Sue Carmaker For ‘Non-Functional’ Autopilot System

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Tesla is back in the news as customers sue the American electric carmaker for 'non-functional' Autopilot system. Customers feel that the company has let them down by selling vehicles with an autopilot system that is dangerous.

A complaint was filed in the US District Court by three customers in San Jose, claiming that Tesla sold them vehicles with enhanced autopilot technology that can't be used and it lacks standard safety features. According to the complaint, 47,000 Tesla vehicles were built and sold during the fourth quarter of 2016 and the first quarter of 2017 with the same condition.

According to the complaint, customers who paid $5000 over the standard vehicle became "beta testers of half-baked software that renders Tesla vehicles dangerous if engaged." Citing a customer report, the suit said after the recent software update; cars are "behaving as if a drunk driver is at the wheel".

Tesla has called the suit "disingenuous". The company in a statement said some features in the lawsuit that says unavailable had been released and more updates are arriving every month.

Tesla said, "We have always been transparent about the fact that Enhanced Autopilot software is a product that would roll out incrementally over time, and that features would continue to be introduced as validation is completed, subject to regulatory approval."

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