Video: This Carburettor Rebuild Time-Lapse Video Is A Thing Of Beauty

Hagerty's latest video from its brilliant time lapse redline series shows Hagerty mechanic Davin Reckow rebuilding a Holley carburettor used by a 1969 Camaro Z/28.

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Before Fuel injection became the go-to method to extract power from engines around the world, carburettors ruled the automotive world. 

Carburettors blend air and fuel in the proper ratio for combustion to happen in the cylinder(s) of the engine and the Holley 4346 carburettor used in 1969 Camaro Z/28 does shove a whole lot of air and fuel together through its four barrels into the V8.

With the Holley four-barrel shoving air and fuel down its cylinders, the high performance V8 kicked out 375hp when brand new.

Hagerty's mechanic Davin Reckow rebuilds the carburettor restoring it to its original condition in three minutes of time-lapse glory.


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