CES 2017: BMW i Inside Future Concept Previews An Autonomous, Holographic Future

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The BMW i Inside Future concept has been revealed at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The concept which is actually a sculpture which visualises the future of car interiors as the automotive world shifts towards an autonomous future.

The i Inside Future concept is quite unlike any BMW that you would see on the road today and we aren't referring to the fact that it can't actually move.

The i Inside Future concept is an anti-establishment BMW as it removes the focus of the car from driving and towards passenger comfort and enjoyment.

On the dash, the i Inside Future shows off BMW's latest innovation in infotainment technology in the form of BMW HoloActive Touch.

he HoloActive Touch system is a holographic screen that is projected above the centre console and it works with an advanced form of BMW current gesture control system with the geekiness factor turned up to 11.

The driver can interact with HoloActive system with his fingers with ultrasonic pulses providing the feeling of touch whenever the driver interacts with holograms. This done without any physical connection between the driver and the system.

The i Inside Future Concept also shows off the Bavarian carmaker's new piece of tech called BMW Sound Curtain which allows the driver and passenger to listen to different music at the same time, without hearing each other's.

This is done by pumping music through each passenger's headrest and only allowing the seat's occupant to hear what's being played.

Passengers at the rear will also get a widescreen fold down display in the headliner which can be used to play any sort of entertainment and acts a source of ambient light when the display is off.

The BMW i Inside Future Concept may just be a sculpture but it sure feels like a scene from something not far off in the future considering how quickly technology adapts and moves forward every time we blin

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