BMW Have No Plans To Return To Formula 1

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German car manufacturer BMW has confirmed that it has no plans to return to Formula 1. The manufacturer entered the F1 scene back in 1982 as an engine supplier for Brabham. But that venture came to an end in 1987.

BMW returned to Formula 1 and raced from 2000 to 2009 and it withdrew in light of a global financial crunch. However, many auto enthusiasts were thinking that with Liberty Media taking over the F1 there will be a boost in the popularity to get more manufacturers to involve in the racing.

The current agreement between FIA and the group of manufacturers presently involved in F1 will expire in 2020, which means the current V6 turbo hybrid engine will remain for the next three seasons.

BMW has told Autosport, "When we decided to pull out of Formula 1 in 2009 it was a long-term strategic decision for the company. We wanted to put some of the F1 resources into the research and development of alternative powertrain solutions - and so BMW did.

"We established ourselves as the leading premium car manufacturer in the field of electric mobility. We are watching the developments in the world of motorsport, but currently, we have no plans to re-enter Formula 1."

BMW currently races in series such DTM and GT racing and is also getting ready to make a return to Le Mans in the GTE category in 2018.

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